Conceptual app for a brick & mortar tech reseller

Wreck Tech

Strategy - Branding Workshops, Feature Prioritization

Research - Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis, User Flows

Design - Wireframing, Usability Testing, Visual Design


Mobile App Hero

Gabrielle Hope

Wreck Tech
The Challenge

Wreck Tech is a brick-and-mortar store that focuses on purchasing and reselling electronics. I was approached by Mobile App Hero to create a conceptual application design for customers to buy electronics and to become sellers on the Wreck Tech network.

Additionally, I conducted a brand sprint with Gabrielle to help the team better understand their business, competition, and why. It was very enlightening because after we dug deep, we were able to help their team realize that they were doing this work to help give more people access to technology that they may have not had the opportunity to own.

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The Approach
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What We Delivered
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