Helping voters decide on local elections

New Georgia Project

Research - API Documentation, Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Usability Testing

Design - Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design


Mobile App Hero

New Georgia Project
The Challenge

A couple of months before the 2018 election, Mobile App Hero and the non-profit New Georgia Project approached me to design a mobile application to inform voters about all of their local election options.

This came as a significant challenge due to a short timeline. Well... more like I had a week to work directly with the client, research, design, test, and provide assets to hand off to the development team.

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The Approach

Since I had about a week to deliver the hi-fi visuals, I started by diving into the API documentation to better understand what we could show users about the candidates. With the capabilities in hand, I ran a competitive analysis to see what other products offered and a comparative analysis to produce design ideas.

Following this research phase, I jumped into wireframing, utilizing my custom-made sketch wireframing tool to create quick cohesive interactions. While testing the wireframes, I also made type and color boards for approval.

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What We Delivered

We created an application that allowed users to:

  • Find their ballot by location
  • Explore candidates positions on relevant issues
  • Explore candidate endorsements
  • Save candidates
  • Explore relevant news topics curated by the New Georgia Project

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