Bringing a social media lifestyle brand to the app ecosystem

Body RX

Research - User Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis

Design - Feature Prioritization, App Mapping, Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design


Gabrielle Hope
Mobile App Hero

Body RX
The Challenge

Body RX is a leading fitness and lifestyle influencer page on Instagram. With the Instagram page, the founder grew their audience through weight loss challenges and sold apparel and nutrition products. We were approached to design a mobile app concept that would help expand the brand.

We worked closely with the Body RX team, their Web brand design team, and Mobile App Hero to produce a lifestyle and nutrition application during the project.

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The Approach

A lifestyle brand doesn't have a singular focus. The founder wanted to create an application that touched all aspects of health and fitness for their audience. This presented a challenge for figuring out the navigation structure that would make it easy and not overwhelming for users. In designing a mobile app, I like to focus on figuring out the 2-5 core areas that encompass an application. This allows users to immediately become familiar with the app's structure through the bottom navigation bar.

After we figured out the structure we painstakingly worked through all of the UIĀ details for each individual page and card.

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What We Delivered

Although the project was paused due to issues out of our control, we were able to deliver:

  • Recipe Finder
  • Activity Tracker
  • Curated News Feed
  • Points System for product purchases
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