Jarrett is a Product Designer with a perfect Jenga record

I am a product designer & strategist with a passion for understanding business opportunities and delivering applications that connect through creating authentic brands. I also have a love for training, teaching, and facilitating. I was a Lead Instructor and subject matter expert for the first Remote UX Bootcamp for General Assembly, where I was acknowledged as a distinguished instructor for being one of the highest-rated for the 75 courses that I taught.

During my time working with agencies (including my own), I had the opportunity to design internal and consumer-facing products in a wide range of industries, including banking, eCommerce, fashion, telecom, and education.

I have been told I am an insatiably curious guy who learns quickly, stays relevant, generates ideas thoughtfully, shares effectively and makes things happen.

In my spare time, I enjoy producing my own electronic and hip hop music and making smoked wings with my family in Atlanta while rooting for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Companies that I have had the pleasure to work with

Big Nerd Ranch
General Assembly
Georgia Tech
Loupe Art
Mobile App Hero
Morehouse College
New Georgia Project
Stem to the Future
Toolbox 9